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The Oyster

Powered by solar and wind, responsibly grown and harvested. 

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Our oyster farm is the cornerstone of our identity. We had a crazy idea to start an oyster farm back in 2010, after visiting oyster bars around world, and realizing that we couldn't find a better oyster than the ones we recreationally harvested and enjoyed in our own town. Soon after, we became the first oyster farm in the town of Bourne in over 50 years. 

We built our process slowly, always looking for ways to farm responsibly and sustainably. We built our own solar and wind-powered upweller for our oyster nursery in Monk's Cove, and we grow our oysters to market size at the Head of Buzzards Bay. The waters are often wild, as swift currents collide with wind-driven waves, creating an oyster with a deep cup and hard shell, with a punch of salt and brine. Nearby eelgrass beds lend an earthy, vegetal finish. 

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