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We have a rotating selection of shellfish, from our own oysters to shellfish from growers who share our commitment to quality, sustainability, and community. 


Monk’s Cove Oysters

Buzzards Bay, MA,
(Our own oysters - Pat Ross)

Our Monk’s Cove Oysters are grown in an area of Buzzards Bay where the Gulf Stream currents from Buzzards Bay meet the Cape Cod currents from the canal, creating some wild waters, which wash along our rack and bag system, sculpting the oysters, and infusing them with a punch of sea salt and a vegetal sweetness from the nearby eelgrass meadows. At certain times in the season, the oysters have a green cast to the shells, signaling the abundance of algae present, particularly in the spring and fall.  


Waquoit Bay

Falmouth, MA
Matt Weeks

Wild littleneck clams are hand harvested by Matt Weeks in Waquoit Bay in Falmouth.  


F/V William Lee / Captain’s Finest

George’s Bank, MA
Chad + Becca Maguire

Captain's Finest is a small, family-owned company that ensures the highest quality North Atlantic Sea Scallops, from the bottom of the sea, to their Fishing Vessel (F/V) William Lee, to your plate. Scallops are "frozen at sea" at -40°F and packaged within hours of being caught.   


Gulf of Maine Conservas

Rye Harbor, NH
Keper Connell

Bluefin Tuna and Mackerel are wild caught via rod and reel in the Gulf of Maine, and packed in high quality olive oil in the Medeterranian tradition.  

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