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We're Pat and Jenny Ross. We are a family-owned, independent business. We started Monk’s Cove Oysters in 2010, after visiting oyster bars around the country made us realize that some of the best oysters in the world were grown right in our backyard. It proved to be a crazy ride - we started as unlikely farmers with art school degrees.


We learned the ropes through a process of trial and error, spectacular failures, and sheer will at times. But the days we spent hand-sorting oysters on the water - with some good music, the osprey fishing nearby, and the incredible beauty of Buzzards Bay - always reminded us that it’s all been worth it. 

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The Covid-19 Pandemic required us to pivot quickly to stay in business. During the lockdown months of 2020, we became a wholesaler, and direct sales became our new business model. We realized that we had an opportunity to not only sell our own oysters, but to support other small farms and growers, and to include seafood from other like-minded independent producers. We also acquired a food truck in 2021 and relaunched our business as Sea State. In 2022, we purchased Cataumet Fish, located in Bourne, and will be re-establishing this local legacy in April 2022 with our values centered around sustainable, local seafood. 

We’ve built our business slowly, always aiming for the highest quality, in the most responsible way. We use solar and wind energy on the water, use biodegradable harvest bags, and take pride in being stewards of the waterways that we farm. 


We also work closely with our community, supporting local organizations and working with the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension to test new species and grow out techniques.

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